How we are helping

After we pay staff wages, store rent and pay for our products to be made, 100% of the profits we make go towards providing pathways out of homelessness. It’s not just about shelter, but empowering people to learn, make social connections and become self-sufficient. This is our long-term goal, because it leads to long term results and less people on the streets.

Our efforts range from small victories to big picture thinking – from distributing items of brand-new clothing to Melbourne’s homeless community, to raising $100,000 in partnership with act. to fund a new training program called The Pathway Project.

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VIP Shopping Days

Each month we run a ‘VIP Shopping Day’ in the HoMie store with a partner service, where people who are experiencing homelessness are invited to shop for free as ‘VIP customers’.

On VIP Shopping Days, up to 30 VIP customers receive a complementary and dignified shopping experience, as well as free nutritious food, coffee, haircuts and other grooming services. However, VIP Shopping Days are also about making connections. We hope the VIP customers leave the store feeling special and supported by HoMie and the community at large.

To date HoMie has supported:
– The Big Issue
– Melbourne City Mission
– Ladder Foundation
– Launch Housing
– St Mary’s House of Welcome
– MOSS (Merri Outreach Support Service)


The Pathway Project

The Pathway Project provides traineeships to young people who have experienced or been at-risk of homelessness. The traineeships include on-the-job experience and accredited training to help trainees successfully complete a Certificate III in Retail Operations.

Led by HoMie, the project has a number of key elements:

  • The Retail Operations Certificate has been designed specifically for trainees by registered RTO, Knowledge Space
  • On-the-job experience and training takes place in HoMie’s store in Fitzroy
  • Each trainee is mentored individually by HoMie staff and supported by Ladder and Launch with housing and health and wellbeing needs
  • Young people selected for the traineeships are students at Launch Housing Education First Foyers in Broadmeadows and Glen Waverley

The trainee program is a six-month, part-time program broken into four sessions.

  • Three four-hour sessions are “on the job sessions” in the HoMie retail store
  • One four-hour session is at the Knowledge Space Training Institute in Collingwood

Trainees are remunerated during the course of the project in line with the General Retail