Help HoMie change young lives

Help HoMie change young lives

The HoMie team are here and ready to help change the lives of young people affected by homelessness or hardship in Melbourne.

During the election, homelessness was rightfully being discussed as a widespread issue that is on the rise across Australia. There are programs and policies under development and being put in place to reduce those affected by homelessness - but there is still so far to go in terms of action and awareness and we want to see some change.

HoMie’s mission this June is to get more shirts on backs of those who care for the cause. To give you an idea:


There are many ways you can help - encourage conversation around youth homelessness and support like-minded organisations, such as HoMie! You can impact young lives simply by shopping with HoMie.

The threads are ethically made in Melbourne and 100% of profits support young people affected by homelessness or hardship, our VIP days and HoMie Pathway Alliance.

Whether it’s a tee on your back, or gifting a tee to someone who has your back - Help spread the HoMie word and create change and conversation in our community.



    HoMie provides training and employment experience to kick start our interns working lives.

    The HoMie Pathway Alliance is our accredited retail training and education program for young people affected by homelessness or hardship. Every year, HoMie selects young people who apply through their community support service to participate in an eight-month paid on-the-job work experience at the HoMie Street Store or a HoMie Alliance trained business.

    Upon successful completion of the paid HoMie Pathway Alliance internship, HoMie Pathway Interns graduate with: Certificate III in Retail; eight months personal development training to build improved confidence, resilience, self-aspirations and life-skills; six-months retail work-experience; and a permanent place in our HoMie Alumni community


    Since 2017, the HoMie Pathway Alliance program has seen 12 young people graduate, 92% of who found employment within three months of finishing their internship.

    42% of our young people have been promoted to either full-time or managerial roles since graduating from the HoMie internship.    

    Of those living in supported accommodation before beginning the HoMie Pathway Alliance Internship, 50% have financially supported themselves to transition into private rentals.

    For every dollar value invested, HoMie generates $2.10 of social and economic value. This occurs when young people graduate from the Pathway Alliance and experience increased work readiness and opportunity for full-time employment, increased readiness for further education, improved financial position, and increased capacity to maintain secure housing.

    “Legit, there still isn't anything that compares to the experience that HoMie has given me. I will forever and always be proud to be a HoMie.” HoMie Pathway Alliance Alumni, 3 months after graduation.  

    “HoMie have helped me and also guided me through every area of my life. Not only employment.” – HoMie Pathway Alliance Graduate.


    Nick Pearce, HoMie CEO

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