HoMie graduates 6 more interns in world-first retail program

HoMie graduates 6 more interns in world-first retail program

To say 2018 was a biggie for HoMie’s Pathway Alliance Program would be an understatement. HoMie started as a pop-up concept between a few Melbourne friends and is now a thriving bricks and mortar store that also acts as a base for the hugely successful HoMie Pathway Alliance Program.

The HoMie Pathway Alliance is a paid internship program for young people experiencing hardship to gain on-the-job retail training and participate in accredited professional development education from local RTO, KnowledgeSpace. “I have gained more than just education out of it, I’ve made a family.” - Abu, HoMie graduate

After a successful eight-months, our HoMie Interns graduate with a Certificate III in Retail Operations, increased confidence, resilience, and life skills under their belt and of course a permanent place in our HoMie Alumni community.  “I’ve grown into a more confident person, that’s something I never figured I’d be able to do.” - Matt, HoMie graduate

We are thrilled to announce a program first - in 2018 we partnered with Cotton On Group as part of our work-placement opportunities - placing three young people in the HoMie Street store and three in Cotton On locations. This is the first time HoMie has partnered with a like-minded retailer to support the program and we can’t wait to tell you what’s in store for 2019.

We are overjoyed to share with you that six incredibly talented and driven young people graduated from the latest program and as a result, we have doubled our impact with the HoMie intern community from previous years. It has been pretty special to watch each intern-turned-graduate walk away having gained new experiences, skills, opportunities and relationships. “Working in the HoMie store has made me feel like I can actually talk to anyone.” - Emily, HoMie graduate.

The program wouldn’t be where it is without our amazing social impact manager Ellen Jacobson 🙌.

“The HoMie Pathway Alliance is an example of the power of collaboration. Together, we are creating more opportunities for young people to thrive. Over the past 6 months these amazing young people have overcome challenges, grown in confidence and skill, and kicked some serious goals. I am so proud of how far our HoMies have come, it has been a pleasure to celebrate their success.” - Ellen, social impact manager.

Our HoMie interns have all been guided and supported in store by legendary store manager Darcy McCallum.

“I am so grateful to be able to watch how much our amazing interns grow during their time with HoMie. Helping them realise their full potential is truly inspiring to me. Watching them take such big steps and being proactive in taking the opportunities that are in front of them is really motivating.” - Darcy, store manager

For more information in our next intake happening in February, send us an email at: ​info@homie.com.au Stay tuned for more HoMie milestones and updates via Instagram 🙌

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