It’s not winter without a HoMie streetwear hoodie.

It’s not winter without a HoMie streetwear hoodie.

We know we’re biased because we’re a streetwear label and we’re known for our comfy hoodies - there’s no hiding that. But it’s true - hoodies really are your winter best pal - especially if you’re a Melburnian, then you truly know the feeling of cold cheeks in the morning and frozen fingers while texting your mate waiting for your long black.

Owning a hoodie is essential, but we like to think owning a streetwear hoodie takes things up a notch and most definitely strengthens your streetwear game. Like our tees and crewnecks, you can go bright and bold with our hoodies or strip it back to the classics. Our range of streetwear hoodies include our HoMie Core styles complete with our much-loved HoMie Monogram embroidered in the corner of the hoodie, but the range also includes newly launched collab hoodies that are the definition of making a statement. 

In recent years we’ve seen the classic, at-home lounge hoodie evolve from hyper casual to become part of the unspoken streetwear uniform. Everyone from skaters and musicians to street artists proudly don hoodies, either by global faves such as Champion or local brands new to the scene.

We love seeing our HoMie community wear their hoodie with pride, no matter the style or occasion. We’ve seen our hoodies pared with structured pants like Dickies or Stan Ray or with midi skirts and chunky sneakers. Our hoodies layer seamlessly over long sleeves and make the perfect spring addition over a simple tee for colder mornings.

Many brands will say they offer something for everyone, but at HoMie we genuinely do! We’ve got hoodies and crewnecks in pastel shades, plus simplistic grey and white marle hoodies that one simply *cannot* go past. 

We’ve got shades of lilac, forest green, burnt orange, tan, black and dark blue - so it’s fair to say you’ll meet your match by shopping online or in-store. 

Style is one thing, but so is the longevity of your piece and how it was made. We’re stoked to offer on-trend hoodies that our community loves for the overall design and comfort, but we also know they’ve been ethically produced and will last years, not just a season.

On top of these factors, you would have seen or heard the HoMie team talk a lot about our mission and impact - maybe across socials or in-store. Our mission is the driving force behind everything we do, which is supporting young people affected by homelessness or hardship to equip them with the skills, confidence, and experiences to be work-ready and better prepared for their future.

When you shop a HoMie hoodie - you’re also helping provide meaningful impact in the community far and wide. You’re helping grow our programs, helping our team work with more young people year on year, and helping spread the HoMie word. That, our friends, is more than we could ever ask for. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - at HoMie, we would be nowhere without our community. Cheers to you 💖

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