Seven young people graduate HoMie’s Pathway Alliance program for 2019!

Seven young people graduate HoMie’s Pathway Alliance program for 2019!

And just like that, we celebrate the completion and graduation of the HoMie Pathway Alliance program for 2019, and holy moly, as usual, we are so proud of this year’s graduates!

This year, we had 7 motivated, switched on and all-round legendary interns participate in HoMie’s 8-month accredited retail training and education paid internship program from March through to graduation in October, learning more than just retail basics along the way.

Before HoMie, “my confidence was really low, now it’s sky high” – 2019 HoMie Pathway Alliance Graduate. Throughout the program, young people participate in weekly CERT III & professional development training at the HoMie office on Mondays with KnowledgeSpace, in addition to paid on-the-job retail training by HoMie and HoMie trained, Alliance Employers - Cotton On, BONDS, and Champion.

My happiest moment during the internship was “being able to see the HoMie team on Mondays and working at BONDS during the week! Making connections!” Kristy, 2019 Graduate.

HoMie supports young people affected by homelessness or hardship to equip them with skills, confidence and experiences to be more work-ready and better prepared for their future.  Young people engaged in the Pathway Alliance program also graduate with increased confidence, resilience and life skills (and a permanent place in our HoMie Alumni community).

The biggest lesson I learnt was “don’t be afraid to open up first. Sometimes you need to take the first step.” Khya, 2019 Graduate.

When HoMie graduates were asked if there is something that they have learnt during their time in the program  that will stay with them, responses included:

  • “Enjoy and have fun with what you do” – 2019 HoMie Pathway Alliance Graduate 
  • “The HoMie Family” – Jordan, 2019 HoMie Pathway Alliance Graduate
  • “Don’t fill yourself up on other people’s angers and frustrations. Smile and wave!” – 2019 HoMie Pathway Alliance Graduate 
  • “The welcoming and support from everyone” – Kristy, 2019 HoMie Pathway Alliance Graduate 
  • “Be yourself” – Tony, 2019 HoMie Pathway Alliance Graduate.

Throughout the program, our 2019 graduates have developed close relationships with their retail managers at HoMie, Bonds, Cotton On and Champion, who have supported their training and development:

“She's not only part of the team, she's leading the team.” - Alliance Manager, after extending her Pathway Alliance Graduate’s contract to stay-on as a key-holder.

“It has been wonderful to see how far [our Intern] has come from the first day he was in our store. We have been very grateful to be a part of the HoMie program and can't wait to see what [our Intern] achieves in the future.” - Alliance Manager 2019 

Proud is an understatement - hats off to this group of talented young people who have graduated the HoMie Pathway Alliance Program for 2019 - we can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of you and your endeavours!


For 2019 this means:


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