HoMie Procurement

About HoMie Procurement

With close networks of local and international manufacturers, HoMie can support your business from start-to-finish for product procurement. If you’re after face masks, team t-shirts or hoodies, uniforms, branded merch or something different - we can help. Our team will work with your and your business to find the right supplier to meet your production needs.




What we do


  • Establish quantities, design, quality, budget, timeframe and everything in between with you or your business


  • Facilitate the order directly with our suppliers to get the product you need delivered directly to you


Here's how to make it happen:

Get in touch with the following information:


  • Quantities
  • Timeline - including preferred delivery date
  • Design preferences - do you need design support?
  • Budget
  • Anything else you’d like us to know!

Interested? Email us: