Our Partners

HoMie Partners

We know that by working together, we can achieve so much more.

We value our collaborators and partners across all facets - from events, artists and product design, fundraising, training and everything in between.

HoMie believes in the power of collaboration and we wouldn’t be where we are without the incredible supporters we’ve worked with over the years.

Pathway Alliance Retail Partners:

Through meaningful connections and partnerships, we create wrap-around, fully supported employment opportunities for young people. Together, these partnerships become; The HoMie Pathway Alliance.

Our retail partners create a safe and welcoming work environment for HoMie interns. They provide paid training and support to young people in stores across Melbourne, and for that, we are super grateful.

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Community Service Partners

Having a safe and  healthy  home life has a big impact on your success at work. That’s why we partner with community support services at an organisational level, to provide wrap-around support for our young people when they’re not at work.

Our community support services link young people into the program and provide ongoing support to HoMie and our interns throughout the internship.

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Education Partners:

Providing accredited education to our interns is one of the great strengths of the HoMie Pathway Alliance, and we couldn’t do it without KnowledgeSpace.

HoMie has partnered with KnowledgeSpace for the last three years to develop and deliver a course that is tailored to the specific learning needs of each individual. Together, we support our interns to graduate with a Certificate III in Retail Operations.

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