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HoMie Pathway Alliance

We all remember the terror of getting your first job. The endless applications, CV re-writes, interviews, the rejections!  Imagine if you didn’t have anyone to help coach you through all that, to help you nail your first interview, to help you get there on-time, or just generally support you through the challenging process. Or perhaps you had a family friend who knew a guy, who knew a guy, to get you your first job (lucky you!). 
When we started HoMie in 2015, approximately 17% of those experiencing homelessness in Melbourne were young people aged 19-24. These were young people looking for work, but who were being turned away as they lacked the adequate skills, CV writing, work experiences or networks to simply: ‘get a job’. 
The stigmas and challenges attached to homelessness also impact your opportunities and ability to get a job, and don’t underestimate how this would affect your confidence and wellbeing. 
At HoMie, we believe in young people. We understand that homelessness is a situation you can move out of with the right opportunity and support. That’s why we developed the HoMie Pathway Alliance program. 
The HoMie Pathway Alliance is HoMie’s own accredited retail training and education paid internship for young people, aged 16-25, affected by homelessness or hardship. 
In February each year, young people who are up to the challenge, apply through a partnered Community Support Services to participate in an eight-month paid retail internship at the HoMie Street Store or a HoMie Pathway Alliance trained business.
By graduation in October, HoMie interns have earned: 
We’re so proud to support these amazing young people, check out the video below to hear more from our Pathway Alliance Alumni and their experience during the internship:
For HoMie’s Pathway Alliance program, HoMie partners with community support services and retail businesses to provide wrap-around support for each intern. This ensures each young person is fully supported to follow this path to kickstart their working life - as seen below:
Want a quick overview of the HoMie Pathway Alliance? This video explains the ins and outs:
  • Are you a Melbourne-based support service? Check here to find out how to link a young person in with HoMie.
  • Are you a young person affected by homelessness or hardship? In order to apply for the internship, you will need to be connected to a local youth service. If you are not connected to a service, get in touch with one of the services listed hereIf you are already connected to a service, let your youth worker or key support worker know that you are interested and ask them to get in touch with us.


VIP Days

Picture this: a store has closed just for you. Not only that, but your very own personal shopper helps you select brand-new clothes to reflect your personal style, a hairdresser is there to give you that fresh cut, you take home a toiletry pack of self-care goodies; and to top it off you can opt to get your nails done. Big yes.

The best bit? It’s all for free, because it’s a HoMie-ran initiative funded by kind people in your own community who shop at the store and align with HoMie’s values. 

We developed our VIP Shopping Days to provide young people affected by homelessness or hardship, along with their key support worker, a day where they are treated like the VIP that they are! 


Twelve times a year since our first VIP Shopping Day in June 2015, HoMie has closed its doors to the public and invited young people connected through community support services to shop for free at the HoMie Street Store. 

Each VIP shopper is welcomed into our store for a day of pampering and fun. Young people receive five free items of brand-new HoMie clothing, haircuts, beauty services, and lunch with our friendly team.

Apart from clothing, HoMie provides a dignified shopping experience, increased social inclusion, and feelings of connectedness for young Melburnians affected by homelessness or hardship. 





  • Are you a young person affected by homelessness or hardship? Ask your Key Support Worker or Youth Worker if they are partnered with HoMie.