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We all remember the terror of getting your first job. The endless applications, CV re-writes, interviews, the rejections!  Imagine if you didn’t have anyone to help coach you through all that, to help you nail your first interview, to help you get there on-time, or just generally support you through the challenging process. Or perhaps you had a family friend who knew a guy, who knew a guy, to get you your first job (lucky you!).

When HoMie started in 2015, approximately 17% of those experiencing homelessness in Melbourne were people aged 19-24. These were young people looking for work, but who were being turned away as they lacked the adequate skills, CV writing, work experiences or networks to simply 'get a job'.

The stigmas and challenges attached to homelessness also impact your opportunities and ability to get a job, and don't underestimate how this would affect you confidence and wellbeing. 

At HoMie, we believe in young people. We understand that homelessness is a situation you can move out of with the right opportunity and support. That's why we developed the HoMie Pathway Alliance program.

In February each year, young people who are up to the challenge apply through partnered Community Support Services to participate in an eight-month paid retail internship at the HoMie Street Store or a HoMie Pathway Alliance trained business.

By graduation in October
HoMie interns have earned:

A certificate III in
retail operations

Six months of paid
practical work experience

Eight months of
paid personal development training to build confidence and skills

A permanent place in the Homie Alumni community

We're so proud to support these amazing young people - check out the video below to hear more from our Pathway Alliance Alumni and their experience during the interships:

For HoMie's Pathway Alliance program, we partner with community support services and retail business to provide wrap-around support for each intern. This ensure each young person is fully supported to follow this path to kickstart their working life - as seen below:

Opportunities + Support + Partnerships = Pathways To Change

Want a quick overview of the HoMie Pathway Alliance? This video explains the ins and outs:

About the HoMie VIP Shopping Days

How It Works

A Word From Services We've Worked With

Inclusive, safe and friendly space. I fell that it is also worth mentioning that for some of the young people who attended, it was their first time receiving items such as deodorant and other hygiene products which was extremely valuable for the.  It was really beautiful to see the young people walk out of HoMie with their heads held high, a sense of confidence and massive smiles on their faces.

Savlation Army, North/West Metro, December 2019

I was very impressed with teh VIP Day... the staff were so engaging with the young people and it was genuine. Well done to HoMie and all involved. I encourage there to be more social enterprises like this that encourage, support and train young people with a focus on providing positive outcomes that will make a difference in their lives.

WOMBAT, April 2019

Obviously the fact that everyone took home new clothes and beauty products was fantastic, but it was also great to see everyone having a genuine conversation and engaging with each other in a really positive environment. Seeing someone who had a bad week have it all changed around through a nice haircut and a whole new wardrobe was fantastic to see. 

Youth Projects, May 2019

Interested in being involved?

Are you a community support service? 

Please email ellen@homie.com.au

Are you a young person affected by homelessness or hardship? 

Ask your Key Support Worker or Youth Worker if they are partnered with HoMie.

Are you looking to volunteer / donate? 

You can donate directly online, or get in touch if you'd like to chat about volunteering.