HoMie Faves: Why everyone needs a HoMie Dad Cap

HoMie Faves: Why everyone needs a HoMie Dad Cap

Rain, hail or shine - everyone loves a Dad Cap in Australia and it’s easy to see why. They’re a wardrobe essential - the must-have thing you grab on your way out to a walk, picnic, or beach day. 

They’re a long-standing HoMie favourite and you’ll always find new styles in our seasonal releases, year round. We know our loyal HoMie community love our Dad Caps - if you need a little more convincing, we’ve listed out top 4 reasons why everyone needs a HoMie Dad Cap in Australia for every season:

1: Two words: Aussie Summer

Not only are they go-to for streetwear fans, but a HoMie Dad Cap will be your best mate during an Aussie summer. They’re comfortable, durable and act as the perfect finishing touch to your summer outfit - whether you’re rollerblading at the local park or off on a camping trip, a Dad Cap in Australia will keep you ~cool~ and protected from the sun all at once.

Take the HoMie Mountain Dad Cap for example - inspired by long weekend hikes in the mountains and camping trips with friends, the Mountain Dad Cap is definitely a fave. Shop now - it’s available in 3 shades:


2: Everyone has bad hair days.

We’ve all been in this situation - looking around for a little something to style your look and tuck away hair that just isn’t cooperating. A HoMie Dad Cap is your best possible solution for bringing the look together with minimal effort. The HoMie Monogram Dad Cap in Australia is a classic for this and a go-to for our team! Pick from neutral tones or something a little brighter - there’s something for every style:


3: A little goes a long way.

It goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway - shopping with HoMie means supporting young people affected by homelessness or hardship through our two important social impact programs. You can read more about our programs here. What might be just another cap purchase or accessory stock up to you, is an integral contribution to achieving our mission. We genuinely wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of our HoMie community. So if you’ve bought a cap, a tee, or a hoodie - we can’t thank you enough.

Looking for something a little bolder? Check out our Dad Caps in Camo.


4: It’s a gift that gives.

It might be called a Dad Cap in Australia but it’s honestly perfect for all. Mother’s Day is approaching or you might have a special someone’s birthday on the radar - introducing them to HoMie with a Dad Cap, HoMie Tote or Monogram Socks is a great move for multiple reasons. You’re obviously supporting our mission - you’re also buying someone a gift they’ll enjoy and use all season long. But you’re also helping spread the HoMie word in the community and that’s pretty epic!


So yes - there are many reasons to love a Dad Cap, these are just a few! Check out our full HoMie collection of tees, hoodies and more here and stay tuned for future releases to come for more Dad Cap styles! They’re really a transseasonal must-have so keep an eye out.

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