Our guide to shopping Australian streetwear online

Our guide to shopping Australian streetwear online
In recent years, streetwear has well and truly fallen into its own category in the fashion space. We’ve seen the style evolve since the 90s, with creatives and fashion folk across the globe redefining what streetwear and streetstyle means to them.
You might be one to save Instagram posts with strong street looks, double tap a hoodie you’ve seen from a local brand, or buy a tee or piece of merch that supports a mission or charity that is close to your heart (see, we said evolving!).
Whether you’re new to shopping Australian streetwear online or you’re a longtime wearer of all things streetstyle, having your go-to brands for re-stocking your wardrobe essentials is key. But so is finding up and coming local labels to try! There are a lot of epic artists and creatives using fashion as a talking point for plenty of global issues as we speak.
It can be tricky to find the perfect piece online, so we’ve outlined a few of our thoughts below to make shopping Australian labels and streetwear online as easy as possible, if you’re not able to shop in-store.
Have an idea of what you want:
This comes back to your Instagram saved section or those Pinterest pins you’re still thinking about. You might be after a hoodie, a matching tracksuit set, an oversized tee or socks that aren’t just *socks* to add to cart. Whatever it is - have an idea in mind. You could scroll for hours (and that’s fine by us) but if you’re looking for efficiency, this is our tip. 
Are the items in your cart doing something good?
We’ve really *been through it* in the last few years. You might have started asking yourself deeper questions when shopping Australian streetwear online in recent times, like - do I really need this? Am I just shopping for the sake of it or will I actually wear it? Is this tee sparking joy?
This is the kind of thing that makes us proud to do what we do each day. At HoMie, we’re planning, designing and producing garments that have meaning behind every logo, slogan, design and campaign. Profits from all HoMie clothing supports young people affected by homelessness or hardship - we could write all day about our programs, but you can learn more about them here.
Each collection we aim to raise awareness of our values and our mission - sharing kindness, community and respect far and wide. Melbourne brand Clothing The Gaps is another great example of a purpose-led business creating clothing designed to spark important conversations. Now more than ever, it’s important to consider whether the brands you’re supporting are adding value to the fashion industry or simply creating more waste that will end up in landfill.
With all of this in mind, we hope this makes shopping Australian streetwear online a little easier. Be sure to stay up to date with our newest arrivals by signing up to our reminders here or following us on socials (and double tapping your faves) here.

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