REBORN by HoMie set to showcase an upcycled collection at Melbourne Fashion Week.

REBORN by HoMie set to showcase an upcycled collection at Melbourne Fashion Week.

REBORN by HoMie will be returning to Melbourne Fashion Week for the third year in a row on Tuesday 11 October.

REBORN transforms waste materials into desirable one-off pieces that encourage a radical rethinking of the retail fashion industry. Pre-loved, faulty or unsold garments are hand-cut, sewn, and altered here in Melbourne, creating unique pieces which reflect the journey they’ve been on. Featured at the Dockside Runway, this year’s MFW collection aims to draw attention to REBORN’s signature upcycling process.


Product and Design Lead Ashley Martiniello says that each garment's unique history is showcased in the final design that you see. “By highlighting the origin of each garment as a focal point we want to bring more attention to the issue of waste in the fashion industry. Every second, one garbage truck full of textiles is landfilled or incinerated somewhere in the world, and it’s time the fashion industry took more responsibility”she says

Teaming up with Crocs to take on the runway, REBORN will be paired with clogs from the global brand. One of the only customisable shoes available today, Crocs encourages self-expression through personalisation and declares that expressing yourself and being comfortable are not mutually exclusive. The partnership between REBORN by HoMie and Crocs comes as Crocs enters into its 20th year, championing individuality and their “Come As You Are” ethos.


REBORN was created in March 2020, designed to bring more circularity to HoMie, This project has now become a vital part of HoMie’s work partnering with big brands like Champion. “REBORN has been able to upcycle nearly 3,000 unused items of clothing since it began in March 2020” says Marcus Crook, Founder and Creative Director at HoMie.

"Excess and waste is a huge issue within the industry and finding ways to rejuvenate and reinvent existing products is key to tackling the use of new resources and essentially the climate crisis.”says Marcus.


As a subset of HoMie, 100% of REBORN’s profits go toward HoMie’s mission to support young people affected by homelessness or hardship. HoMie runs two programs which help young people to access the skills, confidence and experiences to be more work-ready and better prepared for their future. To find out more about HoMie’s impact programs you can visit their website:

REBORN pieces are available for purchase at HoMie’s Brunswick Street Store, as well as online.

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