How a clothing store in Melbourne is helping to change young lives

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Since our humble beginning in 2015 from what started as an idea amongst friends to implementing social impact programs that have changed the lives of over 1,500 young people, our mission has always remained the same: to support young people affected by homelessness or hardship.

For the last 7 years, we’ve received overwhelming support from the community, helped young people to change their futures and forged some amazing partnerships along the way. With our values at heart, HoMie has evolved into a local social enterprise that’s become a staple of streetwear culture.

Never underestimate how the power of fashion and conversation can change lives!

Here’s how, as a clothing store in Melbourne, HoMie is helping to support young people affected by homelessness or hardship.

HoMie clothing makes it ‘cool to care’.

From the first few tees in our retail pop-up store to the launch of our upcycled collection, REBORN, HoMie clothing has always been integral to our brand that reflects our roots in Melbourne culture. Amongst the collection you can find timeless oversized fits, classic crewnecks and our signature hoodies. Designed locally and made from high quality fabrics, HoMie has cemented its place amongst Melbourne fashion and streetwear culture. 

From unique pieces to wardrobe staples, HoMie offers an alternative and approachable way of supporting young people affected by homelessness or hardship as 100% of profits go towards supporting our mission.

When you purchase a piece from HoMie, you make a conscious choice to support ethical fashion and a direct contribution to our cause of helping people who are affected by hardship.

Shopping with HoMie not only guarantees great quality clothing, but also provides an opportunity to express your style in a way that goes beyond just the clothes you wear. Wearing a piece from HoMie can encourage important conversations that can help raise awareness of youth homelessness and what can be done to help. 

Visit our flagship store in Fitzroy at 2/296 Brunswick St, VIC 3065 to add deeper meaning to your fashion choices by helping us support youth affected by homelessness or hardship.

HoMie VIP Days!

Another way we support young people affected by homeless or hardship is through our VIP Days, where young people affected by homelessness or hardship are supported through social connections and provided with new clothing, fresh haircuts, toiletry packs and lunch with the HoMie team!

Twice a year, HoMie closes its doors to the public and becomes more than just a clothing store in Melbourne. This HoMie-run initiative provides a safe space for young people to connect, have fun and be treated like the VIPs that they are! 

Our VIP Days are a pure reflection of our valued community and a clear example of what can be done when kind people come together to support others.

HoMie Pathway Alliance Program
We believe that people experiencing homelessness is a situation that can be changed with the right help and support. This is why we created the HoMie Pathway Alliance program - an 8 month paid retail internship at either the HoMie Store or a HoMie Pathway Alliance retail partner.

The stigma and challenges surrounding homelessness massively impact the opportunities for those looking to work - when HoMie began in 2015, around 17% of those experiencing homelessness in Melbourne were young people between 19 and 24. Many of these were actively seeking work, however were often turned away as they didn’t possess the necessary skills or experience for the job.

The HoMie Pathway Alliance program provides support and direction to young people who then gain practical, hands-on work experience. The accredited training certificate and personal transformation equips graduates with the necessary skills and improved confidence to be work ready and better prepared for their future.

So, what’s next?

HoMie is not just another clothing store in Melbourne. For many it is a community, a family and a safe space that has provided life changing opportunities. 

To say that we are stoked about our achievements so far is an understatement. Since the first HoMie Pathway Alliance interns in 2017, many young people have gone on to find secure, long-term employment. Some graduates have been promoted to full-time managerial roles and have even been able to support themselves financially whilst transitioning out of supported accommodation and into private rentals.

Let’s be honest - it’s inspiring to see the positive impacts of HoMie’s programs, however we remain driven and focused as there’s still so much more to be done.

We believe that HoMie is proof of what can be achieved by working together. From our valued Pathway Alliance Retail Partners to the customers at our clothing store in Melbourne, social workers, educational trainers and everyone in between (you know who you are!) We are proud to have somewhat contributed to social change that has helped change the lives of many young people in Australia, and we love having you join us in that change!
As we continue creating meaningful connections, we help to raise awareness of homelessness and what we can do together to support those experiencing it.

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